9 years of research and a 1/2 ton oven!  Our passion is to make the perfect pizza!

 In 2006 I journeyed to Alpine Texas big bend regional hospital to do contract work.  My profession is a Dr. of Physical Therapy that specializes in orthopedics.  I have always loved pizza, especially great pizza.  While at big bend regional hospital I inquired about the pizza in the area ( A habit I have formed with any travel was to find the best pizza in the area).  I received a profound response from people telling me "Dude, you have to go to the Pizza Foundation in Marfa!!!"  So I hopped in my truck and traveled west a few miles on hwy 67 to end up at an old gas station transformed into a pizzeria.  "How cool!"  I walked in ordered a slice of cheese pie and WHAMMO!  I was blown away and could not believe that in the middle of nowhere I had, at that time, some of the greatest pizza I have ever eaten.  I thought "How do they do this?" "Why is it so good?"  The fire was started and the journey began.  My background in research in evidenced based medicine gave me the tools to research the "Truth" of pizza and take a scientific approach in attempting to make some of the best pizza in the world (For fun of course!).  It got serious.  9 years later after travels to Italy, NYC, Vegas, returns to Marfa all to eat the best rated pizza in the world a corner was turned.  After breaking home ovens, chemical testing water, flour, temperatures, salts, barometric pressures, humidities,  tasting hundreds of tomatoes, cheeses, herbs, trying hundreds of different recipes we finally have Mia Marco's Pizza!   We are pleased to announce the beginning of what we hope people will love and fulfill our goal of spreading the gospel and making some of the best pizza in the world.  We were given this gift and passion for a grand purpose!